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Workshop “The memory of the object”

Theatre of objects workshop: the games, the memory and creation.

Everything that surrounds us in our everyday life reflects our doubts, fears, joys…
And all the objects that surround us have a form, colour, weight, volume … that portray us.

We will choose different objects to manipulate which will place us in an initially unknown and disturbing landscape. We will ask ourselves which objects inspire us, which influence us in our daily routine, and which we would like to work with. Building on these principles we will create a series of improvisations, while working to guidelines to further intensify the expressiveness and poetic content.

The most insignificant of gestures, the smallest object and everything that we avoid often reveal our human nature.  The environment represents us and manipulating it, will give rise to a poetry that will be metaphors of our emotions, of the reality in which we live. 

The universe of the objects presents to the interpreters numerous enigmas about what surrounds them and about themselves.  This workshop cannot reveal or completely decode them, but will present their potential and will play with their possibilities.


aula de teatre figeures 2009-2010