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PLAYGROUND is the name of the visual theatre company created by the actor Xavier Bobés in the year 2003.  

PLAYGROUND is also a method of working and researching in the world of the object, giving it new meanings in surprising contexts which belong in the world of imagination.

This method of working has always been a long process, intimate and solitary in the initial stages with the chosen object of manipulation. This process then moves onto a second phase, in the form of a creative dialogue with the rest of the artistic team who contributes a new fresh vision and comments on possible interpretations.  This dialogue is indispensable.

The objects are found in second hand markets, antique fairs and toyshops. Many have also been found abandoned by their former owners.

Playground has to date, created the following shows:

El cap als núvols (Head in the Clouds) is the first creation of the company PLAYGROUND , it premiered in May 2004 in Barcelona, and since then has performed in a number of festivals and theatres. This play was rewarded with the Premi FAD Sebastià Gasch 2005 – 2006. Countries visited: Slovenia, Morroco, Lebanon, Turquie, Italy, France, Armenia, Georgia, Germany, Israel, Greece, Azerbaijan, Croatia, Argentina, Mexico, Brasil, Thailand.

Duet is the second visual show by the company and it premieres in the Festival Escena Abierta (Burgos, Spain) in January 2006. Since then it has been played around Spain, France, Germany, Poland.

El rei de la Soledat is the third production of the company. It has been played as a work-in-progress in the Festival Neo 2006 of Barcelona and in the theatre l'Escorxador of Lleida. Its premieres in July 2007 in Centre Cultural la Mercè, Girona. During 2007 it has been shown in Germany, around Spain, France and Poland.

A taula was the forth performance,  it premiered in the Lliure Theatre in Barcelona as part of the festival Radicals Lliure in May 2009. It was also shown at the Die Schaubude Theatre in Berlín in June 2009.

Insomnia is the fifth show of the company, it premiered at the international festival Temporada Alta in Girona on the 18th of November 2011.

Monstres. Sixth show of the company, it premiered in Festival MIMA - Mirepox, France, august 2014 and Festival TNT - Terrassa, Spain, September 2014.Also performed in EFstival BAD - Bilbao, Ca l'Estruch - Sabadell and Festival Temporada Alta, Girona 2014.

PLAYGROUND has also had the following installations:

Plastic Instalation for the social and artistic project Retrats sense Sostre in the showcase Casa Calicó, Barcelona, November 2014.

NO. Plastic and talking instalation, Sala Sebastià Gasch - Mercat de les Flors, Barcelona, Creadors en Residencia - ICUB, June 2014.

Memory of Objects. Centre of Contemporary Arts, Girona, November 2009 to January 2010.

Radiography . Comarcal Museum of  Garrotxa, Olot. February to March  2011.

In February 2006  PLAYGROUND’'s studio was set up. From 2013 Xavier Bobés -PLAYGROUND is associated company at the Center L'Animal a l'Esquena, Celrà.

The artistic team that has worked with  PLAYGROUND is made up of Julià Carboneras, Sandrine Veyry, Daniel Benito, Eric de Sarria, Albert Coma, Meritxell Martínez”, Magda Garzón, Pablo Rega, Oriol Blanch, Pep Aymerich, Santi Vilanova, David Sarsanedas, Yoann Toublant and many more.

Investigation and reflection, create and exhibit, are the axis of the company